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Acoustics Research and Development in Greater Montreal

Take advantage of the latest technological advances.

In the Greater Montreal area, Acousti-Lab carries out research and development projects related to the design and development of new materials and procedures in the field of sound insulation. In particular, we assist manufacturers of wall, floor and other materials components in the development of their products through field or laboratory testing.


Research areas


  • Educational, research or other facilities

  • Automotive field

  • Appliances

  • Office systems

  • Air conditioning and heating systems

  • Silent road surfaces

  • Testing and development of construction products


Did you know?


Acousti-Lab is the source of several innovative techniques and products currently available on the market. These help individuals, the population, fauna and flora to enjoy a higher quality of life.


Have an Idea?
Would You Like Help with All Things Acoustic and Ambient Noise Management?


Acousti-Lab can undertake and follow through on a wide range of research and development projects. Take advantage of our engineering know-how! Contact us.


The Acousti-Lab Promise

Acousti-Lab performs comprehensive acoustic tests and offers advice that meets your specific needs and is in line with your budget while complying with applicable noise regulations.


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Greater Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Laval.

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