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Architectural Acoustics

Experience the comfort of exceptional privacy.

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Environmental and Urban Acoustics

Take control of your environment.



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Industrial Acoustics

Ensure the optimal profitability of your business.


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Research and Development

Take advantage of the latest technical advances.


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What Is Sound Insulation?


Sound insulation aims to control airborne and impact noises. Airborne noise travels through the air and the atmosphere, while impact noise propagates through solids when they are struck. Sound insulation needs to be considered carefully for any building or outdoor environment where it is essential to achieve acoustic separation and privacy for the occupants.


Why choose Acousti-Lab?

Comprehensive network of architects, engineers and other specialists

Privileged after-sales follow-up

  • In-depth knowledge of acoustical materials, building systems and regulations

  • Tailor-made advice, adapted to your needs and your budget

  • Turnkey service

  • Fast turnaround times

Enjoy Unbeatable Sound Insulation in Greater Montreal

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Are you building or renovating a housing unit, store or industrial building? Are you considering moving near a busy road, park, or concert hall, and want to make sure you won’t be disturbed by ambient noise? Perhaps you want to add a wall a partition for more privacy in your personal space?

Our specialists at Acousti-Lab can recommend the best materials and practices and assess the impact or performance of sound insulation solutions. To obtain a personalized quote for your acoustic needs, contact us.


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