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Environmental and Urban Acoustics in Greater Montreal

Take control of your environment.

Managing our common sound environment involves controlling the sources of noise. Various forms of ambient noise can come from a construction site, a commercial air conditioner or even traffic. Acousti-Lab measures the sound impact of a planned or existing project in order to design and implement mitigation measures that minimize noise and optimize comfort for everyone. Get sustainable environmental acoustics solutions in Greater Montreal.



  • Environmental noise study

  • Management of sound and vibration sources

  • Permanent noise and vibration monitoring

  • Submission of noise reports as part of sound attenuation policies

  • Drafting of acoustic quotes

  • Noise and vibration control of plumbing and mechanical devices (fans, coolers, pumps, ducts, etc.)



  • Noise and vibration from road, rail, water and air transport.

  • Community noise reports and studies

  • Construction noise management plans

  • Impacts of marine and underwater noise

  • Noise and vibration caused by blasting

  • Noise from demolition and construction



Acousti-Lab helps you understand and manage sound and vibration sources, taking your regulatory context and community into account. We perform noise measurements and studies for new or existing installations to assess problems or compliance with local regulations. We have the staff and equipment to handle large projects that may involve simultaneous monitoring of noise levels at multiple sites over an extended period of time.


The Acousti-Lab Promise

Acousti-Lab performs comprehensive acoustic testing and offers advice to meet your specific needs while respecting your budget and complying with applicable noise regulations.


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Greater Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Laval.

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