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Industrial Acoustics in Greater Montreal

Ensure the optimal profitability of your business.

Industrial soundproofing is a growing concern in factories, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities and mining sites. Potential distractions created by noise can lead to incidents involving site workers, which, in turn, can affect the profitability of your business. Acousti-Lab promotes high level solutions industrial acoustics solution to ensure the well-being of your workforce and the community in Greater Montreal, as well as your profitability.



  • Noise and industrial vibrations measurement and evaluation

  • Written acoustic estimates

  • Design of noise and vibration control measures

  • Analysis of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems

  • Monitoring of noise and vibrations in building systems



  • Factory and machinery noise

  • Vibrations generated by occupants

  • Workplace noise risk management

  • Planning presentation of noise reports under the planning policy.



Acousti-Lab evaluates the acoustic health of your future or existing facilities to provide you with recommendations to help you implement healthier work environments and comply with applicable noise regulations. We provide you with recommendations for cost-effective and realistic solutions tailored to your specific situation. The purpose of the recommendations is to solve or prevent any industry-related issues, support the auditory health of your staff and increase overall health and safety within your industrial facilities.


The Acousti-Lab Promise

Acousti-Lab performs comprehensive acoustic testing and offers advice to meet your specific needs while respecting your budget and complying with applicable noise regulations.


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